PalmLessonTOTAL EMPOWERMENT – We effectively engage the Soul, Mind and Body through self-defense, yoga and meditation, leaving our students in control of their inner and outer world. They are challenged at many levels to step into and envision the ideal life of their own creation.

SAFETY & PROTECTION – We deliver the most effective & relative safety and protection tactics for our ever evolving environment. Flexibility of mind is constantly one of our main training tools as our students learn to constantly adapt to the ever changing circumstances of life.

VOCAL POWER & EXPRESSIVENESS – One of the most important keys to our individuality is our Power to express ourselves vocally and physically. There is an amazingly beautiful power that blossoms when a flower comes into full bloom. In this way, when our students learn how to truthfully express their body, voice and opinion, their life directly flourishes as well.

EMOTIONAL MANAGEMENT – We create a safe space for all of our students to explore, release and heal their sometimes intangible emotions.

HABITS – Habits of self awareness, self reflection and self expression become very natural ways of being for each one of our practitioners. Our students are also lead to engage with people & life at the most authentic levels through kindness, giving & love while maintaining a strong foothold on their own core truths.